Rule #1: Use any word from the last two lines, so long as it is not something lame like an article, preposition, pronoun and other such. You can use derivatives too. Refer to the first page of the poem for examples.
Rule #2: The rhyme scheme is aa, bb, cc, dd, and so on. So you submit two lines with a rhyme scheme of your choice. Again, see the poem's first page for examples. Also, If you find a hanging line without a rhyme, feel free to complete that couplet too.


Never Ending Poem

May be it will end some time, but here and now, it starts
A lyrical space for raving ruffians and bleeding hearts
With time and space to indulge in an exercise in verse,
some will bore the rest to death, others will be terse
Both scenarios sound way better than getting pubic lice,
so wash yourself often, and get plenty of exercise
Plenty of people on the planet, more than plenty methinks
and contaminated, water poisoned and the air stinks
Do the planet a good turn and die already, why don't you?
If you are reading this, you clearly don't have much to do!
The die for your life was cast before you were even born
when a couple were either entwined in lust or love-lorn
But maybe your being born was a mistake no one really wanted?
It's only because of some archaic law that you weren't aborted?
So many mistakes and such little time to fix them all
Even with the best intentions, it is an order quite tall
So abandon your social cares and take a chance or five
Get your fix while you can because you probably get only one life
Whether you moan through it all or have a jolly good time,
do not pass up this chance to socially, anonymously, rhyme!


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